Our Story

Yard Seventeen started from a desire to create beautiful furniture from beautiful timber.  

We wanted our furniture to have a story of its own.  Reclaimed timber has that unique story.

Sourced from yards around the country, and often over 100 years old, our timber is hand selected for its beauty and durability. As no two pieces are alike we carefully match the sourced wood based on size, colour and grain. Whether due to the irregular shape, the varied rough-hewn texture, or exposed knots, notches, or nails in the wood, each bespoke piece we create has a depth and a character that emulates the uniqueness of the material and the richness of the story.

By coupling our timber with repurposed steel our designs remain sustainable, functional and cutting edge. The difference in the texture, temperature and colour of the two materials creates a contrast that draws the eye. One man made and one natural, these seemingly opposing products both rely on many of the same elements for their existence, and as a result work in unexpected harmony.

Sustainability is very close to our hearts. Using reclaimed timbers reduces the demand for newly sourced virgin lumber. The use of reclaimed steel reduces waste in our landfills and the environmental footprint of the production of new manmade material. Additionally, as customers tastes vary, we also make live edge furniture from alien species which also serves to sustain our natural biodiversity. We welcome customers bespoke design requests that are in line with our principles.

As proud South Africans, we are committed to ensuring all our materials are sourced locally. Production is based in JHB and KZN, creating much needed employment in the two regions and vital income to families. Your investment in our product affords us the opportunity to keep repurposing and investing, and in so doing so enabling us to continually upskill our staff and expand their future opportunities.

They say one’s man junk is another man’s treasure.  No truer phrase could be said with regards to our furniture. From wherever we source the planks of wood, Kevin and his team craft custom designed, bespoke pieces of furniture to furnish the home, office, restaurant or workspace.  Whether it be a set of shelves, a table or a lounge suite, every piece is carefully worked into your dream design.